JWR’s Recommendations of the Week

Here are JWR‘s Recommendations of the Week for various media, tools, and gear of interest to SurvivalBlog readers:


Trump’s War: His Battle for America, by Dr. Michael Savage

Don’t Waste Your Life, by John Piper



The Dogs of War

Instructional Videos:

Van Tour: Sprinter Stealth Camper at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous

Danger! Chain Saw Safety – Training Video


Survivalist Prepper: Some Differences Between Urban and Rural Prepping

Interview With Jack Spirko About Prepping, Permaculture, and Entrepreneurship

Online Sermon Videos:

John MacArthur: Does the Doctrine of the Divine Decrees Eliminate Human Will?

For God’s sake, let grace be grace! (John Piper)


The Cheap Vegetable Gardener

The Ugly Duckling House


We’ve mentioned “boondocking” van camping and “stealth” camper vans several times recently in SurvivalBlog. Last week, a friend asked me for some details cellular boosters and Internet connectivity when traveling in remote areas. In the western United States, I recommend using Verizon network phones and the following ancillary equipment:

Verizon MiFi 6620L Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot (Verizon Wireless)

Wilson Electronics 971107 N Female to FME Female Connector

Wilson Electronics 952350 50 feet WILSON400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable with N Male Connectors

DHT Electronics RF coaxial coax cable assembly SMA male right angle to N female bulkhead 12”

weBoost 700-2700 MHz Wide Band Directional Antenna with N Female Connector – Retail Packaging – White

weBoost Drive 4G-S Cell Phone Signal Booster Cradle Mount Holder for Car, Truck and RV Use – For Single Device.

Note that Wilson Electronics recently changed their brand name to “weBoost”. I’ve also heard that Verizon now has a cellular calling plan with unlimited data for around $80 a month.

Note: Amazon offers deep discounts on many RV parts & accessories

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  1. In regards to the Chainsaw training video. Anyone looking to expand their knowledge a quick internet search on US Forest Service Chainsaw Training and Manuals will yield several results and it is usually in PDF format.

  2. I know someone who is making good side money buying,refurbishing,reselling conversion vans for this. It is a urban phenomenon that hasn’t hit the headlines.

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