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Second Amendment

Wondering what could possibly be wrong with universal background checks? Reader DSV sent in this article from The Truth About Guns telling us exactly what is wrong with it. The freedom to own must include the freedom to purchase. What other constitutionally guaranteed right has such controls on it?

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Also from The Truth About Guns comes this article on a sub-$200 suppressor, the Black Aces Po’ Boy sent in by W.W. With the National Hearing Protection Act in the works, this is exciting news. Even with the NFA regulations, the can costs less than the tax stamp to own it!

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John Cylc wrote an interesting article on NewsMax about how appropriate action is just as important as the message. Many Second Amendment supporters handicap their message by acting just like the hysterical anti-gun left.


Riot Police on Venezuela’s Front Lines Seek a Way Out – Even those who are “in” want a way out. (Note: Requires a login to view the entire article.)


You know that you live in the wrong place when your city actually has a law against creating an emergency plan in the case of a nuclear attack. Apparently, Seattle has just such a law. It’s a leftover from the cold war days when the city’s lawmakers took a vocal step against Reagan’s hard line against the Soviet Union. Considering that Seattle is the closest major city to North Korea, a repeal is in the works though. Thanks to T.C. for the link.


If you want to know what the bare basics are on the claims of “Russians hacking the US Election”, reader DSV sent in this article: Eight Facts on the Russian Hacks. If you weren’t convinced before that this is a hatchet job, you should by now.

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Reuters says that Putin is offering a transcript of the Russian officials and Trump to Congress to show that no state secrets were passed. Of course, if you already believe that the Russians “hacked” the election, then the transcript means nothing. (We’re looking at you, Senator Marco Rubio.)

Interesting Tech

An Air Force Academy Cadet has created a bullet-stopping goo for use in body armor. Given an assignment in Chemistry class in 2014, the cadet became interested in the project and continued the research. This is a good read about persistence in research and the potential for a valuable product.

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Reader G.P. sent in the link to this website featuring the fat-tired electric MOAR bike. They are still fund raising and a $250 contribution gets you a 40% discount off of the retail price when it comes out in June (2017). It looks pretty neat.

South Africa

Stefan Molyneux interviewed Simon Roche on the fall of South Africa, looking at the history in-depth. Roche is part of the Suidlanders group that we linked to a couple of weeks ago.


  1. I to believe UBC and CCW license fee’s all contract us to surrender our Right’s to that of priveledge. Only the Second Amendment ends with “shall not be infringed”. None of the others have this distinction.

    Not having the expertise required, I would like to see an in depth, factual article on using jury nullification to defend our Right’s.

  2. I respectfully whole heartedly DISAGREE with John Cylc.
    Anti gunners need to be aggressively dealt with. Acting demure and civilized is only encouraging them to become even more irrational in their demands. We didn’t roll back the CCW clock in this country over the last few decades by being nice and quoting the Constitution. We did it by being aggressive, direct and very vocal. And this needs to be kept up.
    The anti gun idiots need to be insulted, belittled and made to look foolish. That is all they understand. Like petulant children, they need the switch, regularly.

    1. Ned is spot on in his disagreement with John Cylc. Mr. Cylc states, “Our arguments should not even be arguments. They should be discussions or informative facts” Unfortunately, facts are MEANINGLESS to anti gun zealots. They operate totally on their “feelings”, on the ethereal idea that “we must do something, you know, for the children”, and facts will not change that one iota. He also says, “Don’t drive away potential converts or supporters by acting like a jerk. You will drive them straight into the arms of “Every Town for Gun Safety.” I believe that the reality is that there are not many at all ‘sitting on the fence’, I think most minds have been made up. I hope I am wrong on that though, but on that issue we fight the media, Hollyweird, the indoctrination camps know as Public Education, and every leftist organization under the sun.

      Let’s just stop and think for a moment now….Exactly how well has the decision to not engage the anti gun crowd aggressively (and we have not); to roll over and capitulate on certain issues (limits on number of gun purchases in a month, suppressors, outlawing scary black guns to name but a few) because ‘well, that doesn’t affect me’; or to fight them the way we have in the past with all ‘civility’ actually worked out for the pro gun side? It hasn’t, it has consistently resulted in failure and ever increasing levels of “reasonable gun control”. You do not win any kind of fight by being rolling over and being meek, or by somehow trying to ‘take the high road’. Fights are won or lost in the ditches and in the gutter…I know, I have been in my share of them, and we have been losing the fight since since 1934, period. And it is far worse in States such as Kalifornia, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts…where citizens DO NOT have the same protection of their rights under the law as we are all guaranteed in the 14th Amendment. And NO, they should not have to ‘vote with their feet’ to achieve that equal protection honoring their rights.

      It is time to use their tactics against them… way past time, actually. It’s either that or acknowledge the coming civil war when they get around to attempting the confiscation, as they likely will because their arrogance demands it. Had Hellery Clinton been elected, there is no doubt that would be looming in the very near horizon. Ned said, “The anti gun idiots need to be insulted, belittled and made to look foolish. That is all they understand. Like petulant children, they need the switch, regularly.” Ned is exactly right. Mock their stupidity, their arrogance, their lack of facts and their reliance on their feelings over facts unmercifully. Throw it in their face. Defy them. That IS all they understand. It’s a different world that we live in today, and choosing not to engage to stay out of the gutter, or being overly polite, will not win the day. No it will not. Heck, our political upheaval right now proves my point, and Ned’s.

  3. Re: Venezuela

    Sooner or later the police and military will figure it out and do the South American political thing. They’ll stage a violent coup and things will be better…for awhile and the cycle will resume. Dictator for life may sound pretty good until one factors in the actual life span.

  4. I have a very hard understanding how the wording of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independance, can be so badly misunderstood. It simply baffles the mind! All would be advised to read Sheriff Richard Macks books as well as Pastor Chuck Balodwins book on “why Christians should not give up their guns”. Under our Constitution, NO gun laws are legal, that means any attempt to compromise are also illegal, our right to own and carry firearms are not negotiable, PERIOD!!! Regardless of laws written to the opposite effect.
    Even the individual states are not allowed to restrict firearms ownership. The only thing the states are allowed to do from what I understand, is regultate where a person is allowed to carry. I believe it has to do with referance to the “Militia” clause, wheras the feds cannot regulate due to the infringement portion of the 2nd ammendment.
    Although all states and especially the feds believe the contrary. They get away with it because we let them. By not holding our elected officials accountable for their actions and firing their sorry carcasses when they get out of line.

  5. As far as the “anti-gun” folks are concerned, I have seen a very brilliant remark about “pro-gunners”. It reads “Logic dictates that if Pro- gunners were as violent as the Anti-Gunners claimed, there would not be ANY Anti-Gunners left.” Just my 2-bits on the conversation.

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