Notes for Friday – May 05, 2017

Don’t forget about the SurvivalBlog writing contest. With $11,000 worth of prizes it can be well worth your time to finish up that article you have been writing. Round 70 ends on May 31st, 2017 so get it wrapped up and submitted!

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May 5th is the birthday of Pat Frank (1908-1964). This was the pen name of newspaper journalist Harry Hart Frank. His novel Alas, Babylon is a survivalist classic. His personal life was marred by alcoholism, but his writing is admired and still surprisingly popular, today. (Alas, Babylon is still in print, after more than 50 years!) As an homage to Pat Frank, one of the settings in JWR’s novel Expatriates is Mt. Dora, Florida, which was fictionalized by Pat Frank as Fort Repose in Alas, Babylon.