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“The world is now witnessing the final stage of pre-war preparations. The communists have always planned to use North Korea as a trip wire for war with the West. As the current tensions escalate, military experts believe that war could begin on the Korean peninsula before summer. Russia and China have also begun full scale mobilizations, and experts in Europe are now warning that a world war could come as soon as fall.

Donald Trump has warned that ‘North Korea is looking for trouble’, insisting that if China does not decide to help the US ‘will solve the problem without them.’ The US President made this extraordinary statement on Twitter, his warnings backed up by sending a US carrier battle group to the area.

The general public in the West assumes the United States is a lone super power and therefore can act unilaterally without serious consequence. The thought that US forces might be defeated by the communist nations is dismissed as absurd. Unfortunately, this confidence in American military supremacy is no longer based upon reality, and rather now relies upon hubris alone. The belief that the US remains the world’s lone superpower is seriously misplaced as the balance of military power has shifted dramatically over the last fifteen years only no one bothered to inform the American public. The US no longer holds a clear upper hand in today’s conventional or nuclear battlefield.” – Benjamin Baruch, in an April, 2017 essay titled: The March to World War III


  1. I dont agree with Benjamin Baruch. A quick Wiki search shows the stats on our military, particularly our Navy and Air force. Ben needs to do some apples to apples comparisons.His opinion is easily disputed.

    As far as the ” Nuclear battlefield”. No one really knows. Thats why its approached with a brinkmanship diplomacy attitude.
    All the Average American can do is get himself right with God, and prepare for the unknown consequences of our actions as a nation in the world.

    1. This is a good example of our false sense of security.

      What we have on the shelf may get us through the first 90 days of war.

      We longer have a manufacturing base to mobilize for wartime production.

      One of the undisputed features of the end times is a global government.

      Can there be a global government with a morally, economically, militarily strong and sovereign USA?

      As a nation we have given up our morality and reliance upon God, we are broke, have little of value to trade, have decimated and corrupted our military leadership, multi national corporations with no loyalty to America own our government. Our children are being corrupted by our education system. In short, everything the communists promised in their manifesto has been accomplished.

      The USA’s apparent absence from end times events in prophecy makes a lot more sense today than it did 50 years ago.

      When satan’s servant obama stated his intent to fundamentally transform America, he meant exactly what he said.

      The uni-party globalists in both houses gave obama everything he wanted and are now fighting against President Trumps nationalist agenda.

      The events outlined in scripture are inevitable, but they do not have to occur on our watch, think Nineveh.

      Will HIS people turn from THEIR sin?

      Will good men continue to do little or nothing?

      Will the 3% be enough this time around?

      I agree, our only security comes from being right with God.

      1. Anonymous,

        It’s really not a case of a false sense of security, it’s more a case of just looking at the numbers. I’m in agreement with you in terms of current inventory. But the question wasnt are we able to sustain a war, But rather are we a lone superpower, and the answer to that is an unquestionable yes… in fact the answer to that question is an undeniable yes.. we have the guns., but we aint got a whole lot of bullets.. whereas our foes ( by comparison ) have neither the guns, nor the bullets. Nor the infrastructure to wage war… we have the infrastructure, it’s a little dated, But again, we are comparing it to our foes.

  2. “this confidence in American military supremacy”. This is the same mighty military that has not won a war in 72 years.

    Russia and China have GPS’ed all of our 450 sitting duck ICBM silos and 6 of our 12 SLBM submarines which we promised Russia to keep in port at any one time. Our PDD-60 dictates to wait for “actual detonations before retaliating.” In essence, this PDD directs our country to absorb a first strike and retaliate later.

    A frustrated Marine General Butch Neil is said to have exclaimed in response, “Retaliate with WHAT?” When you absorb a nuclear first strike, you lose ALL of your ICBMs and half your submarine force.

    Why would US leaders do this? It is designed to drive Americans into a New World Order that has military power over member nations.

    The US nuclear policy is nuclear suicide.

    1. I think in terms of the World, Russia has some pretty lofty ambitions. For a Country that has the economy roughly the size of Italy, Putin’s quest for world domination falls short. They have Washington sounding the alarm, But Washington has a history of miscalculating the abilities of other Countries and The deep state isn’t known for accurately assessing events and situations.. Just look at how far out in right field they were on the election..Im beginning to think the Russians knew more about the election than the Deep state…

  3. I have a lot of questions:

    1. Is it not good sense to eliminate the threat of a Nuclear armed North Korea that is working towards delivering those Nukes to the US mainland?

    2. Is it not primarily South Korea that will bear the massive brunt of a conflict with NK? Then Japan? Not us.

    3. Would not the strategy be to depose and eliminate Kim Jong-Un? I see it as the fall of the Iron Curtain albeit with blood. North and south Korea reunited.

    4. There are no warlords and religious factions in NK, just a fanatical madman. Once he is disposed will there be an ongoing resistance that we see in Iraq and other Muslim countries?

    5. Once Kim Jong-UN is disposed who will fill the vacuum? China? South Korea with US support?

    6. What interest would China have in siding with NK? they have little to offer. With Kim Jong-Un taken out they could still get what little they need from NK. No?

    7. Even China and Russia can see the utter failure and oppression of a Tyrant like Kim Jong-Un. What do they have to defend? The obvious failure of Communism in NK?

    8. How come nobody talks about the dangers of NK only having to gain the ability to produce an EMP situation with thier nuclear ambitions. They don’t need the technology to pinpoint an American, South Korean, of Japanese city.

    All in all We cannot let NK gain the ability to hold us hostage to the threat of delivering a Nuclear blow to the mainland US. What reason would we have to not take him out? Other than the fear of the Trump being labeled a war monger?

    The problem with politics is politicians can’t get credit for preemptively taking out any threats to get credit. they have to actually fix damage after its already wreaked havoc to get credit. If they stop something for happening nobody is the wiser and all motives will be questioned.

  4. I think Benjamin Baruch mistakes the “world-rulers of this darkness” from Ephesians 6 for “communists.”

    This struggle is not against flesh and blood, but many people focus on the worldly institutions that are most actively perpetrating the spiritual darkness.

    If there was a carry-over from the communist institutions of the pre-1990’s, and if there are still active agents at work in the world today, then they were and are a part of Satan’s secret cabals of power that transcend any one particular political philosophy.

    On this we can agree: the world is racing toward catastrophe, and whereas I once thought Trump was working against it, now in light of the attack on Syria and looming conflict with North Korea, I’m not so sure.

    1. Not so sure we can agree. The attack in Syria was a one off missile attack on an airfield. How is that Trump working toward catastrophe?

      Would not the greater catastrophe be allowing a madman like Kim Jong-Un to threaten and/or use nuclear weapons?

      Taking out a threat is not necessarily moving toward catastrophe.

  5. If an enemy has the ability to neutralize your electronics, you are toast. It seems Russia proved they could do just such a thing. If your military relies on products made by your enemy, you eventually have serious issues. If your government has already sold your nation to the globalist elite, you are toast…. we are toasted, or we are but a bread machine for the globalists who are going to toast us…with a toaster we paid for. Somewhere there’s an analogy in there. No matter, do the supersonic missiles take out carriers, nukes will do the trick if not. Our assets are like eggs in one basket, and nukes have a way of dealing with such things, carrier groups, forward operating units, rear units, coast lines, etc…. the Tyrants should be brought to the light and hung. Going back many decades, and at all levels, including the subversives in education. Where do we start, or end. Come Lord Jesus. That’s where this is heading, the end of the age. Thank God

    1. Did not people all over the globe not think that the times they were living in during times of great conflict not think they were living in end times?

      Every day that passes regardless of what is happening in the geopolitical landscape is is moving toward the end of the age.

  6. In one way it is comforting that Clinton’s PDD 60 may cause the Russians to use 450 of their 1500 available warheads on the Minuteman silos, leaving 50 for Command and Control facilities, another 500 for NATO (the UK and France both have nukes) and China, and 500 in Reserve. While it is tough on Wyoming, Montana and N. Dakota, and the fallout on the Upper Midwest and Northeast will be severe, it means those 450 weapons won’t be used on US cities. If I were Trump, I’d leave Putin with strategic ambiguity on Launch on Warning. And then launch on warning. Might even keep the Russians from using a submarine launched cruise missile on DC as the starting shot, thinking that leaving the civilian leadership in place would be safer for them than dealing with a very pissed off General in Looking Glass or Admiral in TACAMO.

  7. Mr Baruch and far too many Americans seem to see Russia as the enemy that hates the USA, I strongly disagree with the attitude that comes from far too many closet dwelling Americans as a person who has lived in the USA ( and other countries ) I far too much of this arrogance. My wife and I both support the Moscow seminary that actively trains hundreds of new Pastors each year, Christianity is thriving in Moscow and Russia, hundreds of new Church’s are being planted right across Russia, house Church groups are growing exponetially, preaching is being open on the streets, homeless by thousands are being fed, I can go on and on, my wife and I are involved in this, I see this, also biblical values are being taught in millions of homes, money is being sent to help with this gargantuan outpouring, many in the Russian Military ( Army, Navy, Air force) are believers and still protecting their country, Mr Baruch implies they are ” Communist “, there are also tens of millions of Christian believers in China, should all these people be labelled enemies ?, should they all be labelled Communist ?. Do they want War ?, I can assure Americans that the Christians in Russia or China do not want WW3 !, none of the people we know in Russia want War, they DO see NATO and the US and using the hidden hand of the establishment pushing for WW3 and people like Mr Baruch fanning the flames of ” the Communist nations [ which ones ? ] China ? Russia ? as being aggressive !. ALL the worlds leaders are jockeying for power and control, all of them are controlled to a lesser or greater extent by the NWO crowd. War will come, sadly, but please some more concise and well constructed thoughts on other countries views by intelligent reasoning Americans will help all of us outside of the USA.



    1. For some reason people think that people want war for wars sake. I don’t believe this. There are men who are in positions of power who are warped in thier thinking in history and currently like Kim Jong-Un, including many Radical Islamists.

      The beauty of the Nuclear age is its remarkable deterrent effect. Lovely weapon actually for that reason. Mutually assured destruction has been the greatest deterrent in history.

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