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  1. I hope that they are not counting on the ‘Geneva Convention’ for protection. If so, they are placing their faith in the wrong place. With out force of arms, the ‘Geneva Convention’ will not even come into play. Also, not everyone signed onto the ‘Geneva Convention’.

  2. No, they know better! They know war is coming. But until then their organizing under GC guidelines gives them some credibility and international protection. SA appears to be on the same path as Rhodesia once was.

    You have to give them credit, much of what it will take to keep the refugees alive in a civil war is logistics, not combat skills. It doesn’t hurt to separate the two, and we in the US might even learn this lesson if we let some groups focus on the food / water / shelter / medical side of the equation.

  3. I recently saw Simon Roche of Suidlanders on Infowars and was very impressed by him. I’m just a housewife/military wife from the US but I spent a lot of time studying the whole Rhodesia/Zimbabwe situation and have kept up with SA as well. Today is Christmas Eve and for some reason this organization popped in my head again, and I will be saying a prayer for the white farmers in SA.

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