Letter Re: Dehydrator Screens


I come across a lot of people who are looking for a solution to drying smaller items in their dehydrator. Over the years I have tried various solutions over the years while prepping and doing backpacking meals. The solution I finally came up with was to go to the hardware store and buy a roll of stainless steel screen door mesh. I cut it to the size of my trays. The mesh lets the air flow and the little pieces stay on the tray. – Crazyman

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Hugh, I bought some pieces of this stainless steel fabric several years ago and cut them (with metal snips) to fit the trays in our dehydrator. We use them often and have had good success. They allow air flow, but the hole size prevents anything from falling through. They are food grade stainless so no worries about bad things getting into your food and are easily washable. I don’t think ours will ever wear out. McMaster Carr: 85385T44 – J.