Notes for Thursday – August 04, 2016

On August 4th, 1944, 15 year old Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family were captured by the Nazi Gestapo. The Franks had taken shelter is a small space in a sealed off area of an Amsterdam warehouse along with another Jewish family and a single Jewish man. They were aided by Christian friends who brought them food and supplies. Her diary survived the war, overlooked by the Gestapo, but Anne and nearly all of the others perished in the Nazi death camps.

Guest Article: SHTF Intelligence – Getting Started- Part 2, by Samuel Culper

This is the second article in a series about using intelligence for preparedness. I’m starting from square zero, in order to introduce a new crop of Americans to the concept of using intelligence, to prove that there’s a need for intelligence, and to get readers quickly up to speed on how to incorporate it into their security planning. After getting caught up to speed, if you’d like to gain a deeper knowledge and put theory into practice, a book entitled *SHTF Intelligence will show you the way forward. You can find a small homework exercise here. In the first article, …

Letter Re: Wifi At a Discrete Distance

It’s better to find an adapter with antenna port. This is a high-powered single-band adapter or a dual band (I’d recommend the 5Ghz band if possible, but it is still a bit rare) with RP-SMA connection. Then add a good antenna; the omni is probably equal to the Yagi. If there isn’t interference and is dual band but this Yagi will pull in from a longer distance. If you can get two and get a connector, you can put it “in the middle” like in a tree and point one at the source and one where you are using it, …

Economics and Investing:

Man The Lifeboats : US Economy Sinking – Mike Maloney o o o SRSrocco Precious Metals Webinar: Big Events Coming & 1 Oz Silver Buys 6 Months Of Food In Venezuela o o o Rush to withdraw savings as threat of negative rate looms – DSV o o o Why The Bear Market Could Be Over In A Flash o o o SurvivalBlog and its editors are not paid investment counselors or advisers. Please see our Provisos page for details.

Odds ‘n Sods:

Robb Moffett, from Rob’s Homemade Life posted a new video that shows a DIY body camera from an eyeglass pouch and an old Kodak Playsport video camera. Remember, everyone is a reporter now. o o o Starving Venezuelans Break Into Zoo to Butcher Animal. This is what Communism does to a country! The zoo has lost 50 animals so far – starved to death. Being food secure in one’s home is critical! Governments can and do turn on its citizens – H.L. o o o Obama Shortens Sentences For 56 With Gun Convictions – B.S. o o o Germany sees …