Letter: Russia

I found this article to be profound. I think it’s valuable to get into the head of potential enemies, as well as to understand how history has shaped their culture and especially their view of outsiders.

Over the years, the author, Dimitri Orlov, has had some fascinating, insightful, and useful observations about the ongoing and accelerating collapse of the United States, and I respect his opinion. I also recognize that he might have a positive bias toward Russia, which is understandable, but if this article is biased I don’t think it’s by very much.

What most fascinates me with Orlov’s article is how it fits into the prophetic scenarios painted by persons like David Wilkerson, Dumitru Duduman, and others who have told us that God showed them a limited nuclear attack on the United States. I can’t say I 100% believe their predictions, but I can say that I have not read anything in recent years about the Russian military and the global security situation that contradicts these prophetic scenarios.

And why do these interest me? Because the sovereign breaking-into-history by God, unannounced, unstoppable– the ultimate Black Swan– is one of the few ways that our country could stop the total descent into tyranny, which the enemies of liberty have so meticulously, thoroughly, and ruthlessly implemented over so many decades.

No election, no politician, no preparations, and no amount of training and planning are going to save these United States of America. God alone is our hope. Do what you already know to do, what He’s already told us to do. And be ready to act when He reveals His plans and His will. God will make a way! Trust God. Be Prepared. We can do both! – ShepherdFarmerGeek

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  1. Give God a brake. You put to much on God’s shoulders and not enough on your own. Dmitry Orlov teaches allot about collapse. He mes it interesting. He also gives practical advice and valid information.

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