Letter Re: Pat Cascio’s Review of the Springfield Commander Size RO


Pat was saying that he wished to change out the recoil spring for a heavier one on the commander size Springfield RO for +P loads. From what I’ve experienced Wilson Combat’s flatwire recoil spring kits for the 4 and 5 inch 1911’s are money well spent. In addition to giving More protection and control they will last considerably longer than conventional springs. Forty thousand rounds or more in comparison to the 5000 round life of conventional springs. Money well spent. – G.M.

Pat Cascio comments: Sadly, the ones made by Wilson Combat will not work in the current Springfield Range Officer. It is a completely different recoil spring set-up. By the way, Springfield is going to change the set-up. I haven’t heard what they will do, but I checked around and there are no other recoil springs that will work in this gun at present. It is a proprietary set-up!