Letter: Charity and Red Dot Sights

Dear Editor,

We had a line of storms blow through with extraordinarily strong winds, blowing trees down over multiple counties. We were blessed to have family, friends, and a church member help clean up the limbs and fallen tree on the family place. When lunch time came, I had to run to the store and get some food to feed everybody. This gave me a great idea: Along with the food you put back, include a portion for one or two meals for around ten people, so that you can feed whoever comes to help out. A spaghetti dinner for ten is less expensive than tree service and an appropriate “Thank you!”

I also have a question about red dot sights you may be able to help with. I would like to find one that could withstand the beating that being mounted on an HK91 delivers. I had a bad experience with an open red dot on a much gentler 308: The screw-on battery cover kept popping off while shooting. So, I’m understandably wary. BSA warned me against using their red dot tube sights on the HK91 platform. (I can provide the email if desired.) Is there a red dot sight that won’t get beat to bits riding that bull? Thanks, and keep your stick on the ice! – Cliff

HJL Comments: red dot tube sights that can take a beating pretty much leaves out all of the lower cost options. The only two that I have successfully used on such platforms are the Trijicon and Aimpoint Pro. Both are not inexpensive options, but you pretty much get what you pay for.