Letter: Washable Cloth Toilet Wipes

Dear Editor:
I have a suggestion, prompted by my reading of the recent two-part SurvivalBlog article titled: “Sew and Grow, Save and Recycle Your Way Into Preparedness“:
Why go to all the trouble to cut and sew toilet wipes when you can simply use mass-produced bathroom washcloths? They are already the right size and will clean you up better than smooth cloth will.

I already have a large stash of thick washcloths that I bought at a thrift store, along with a case of rubber dishwashing gloves in various sizes. When all the toilet paper is gone, each family member gets a pair of rubber gloves and a washcloth with their name inked in permanent marker. When nature calls, first put on the rubber gloves, wet and wring out your washcloth, when done pooping: wipe, fold, wipe, fold and wipe again, then wash the washcloth and your hands while wearing the gloves. Be careful to not get the inside of the gloves wet. Hang both the gloves and your washcloth back up to dry until next time.

This sanitation method will also have the unintended benefit of forcing family members to self-regulate their bowel voiding patterns, since no one wants to do the icky job more than once per day. Regards, – L.E.

JWR Replies:  That is a good suggestion. But, regardless of what sort of cloth is chosen, be sure to store plenty of bleach, for your laundry days! And, of course, you will need a diaper-style bucket with a tight-fitting lid to store the soiled wipes in a weak bleach solution until your periodic laundry days.