News From The American Redoubt:


Shahram Hadian will be in Bonners Ferry on June 27th for two presentations! First is the introduction to the historical Assemblies and Committees of Correspondence, which are forming in Idaho and Washington right now. Second is the POWERFUL and eye-opening presentation, “Unveiling the True Face of Islam”.

Be there! God bless you, and may America bless God once again.

In Christ,

-John Jacob

2:00pm presentation, “Restoring our Republic & Historic Assemblies/Committees:”Assembly meeting on website. Assembly meeting on Facebook.

6:30pm presentation, “Unveiling the True Face of Islam:” On our website and Facebook (for people to share and invite others).

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Drone wedding video– ( humor ) 14 seconds. Wait for it… – T.P.

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Saudis tried to shield students from scandal at Montana Tech