Letter Re: Does the Number of the Beast Have an Area Code?


The worst part of ditching your tether is seeing how far gone the average person has become. I only write to point out something from the last paragraph. The author said, “The smart phone is a source of knowledge, and knowledge is power. Is it really empowering? Is it really making us more knowledgeable?” Knowledge is not the same as information. Your phone and the Internet, at large, have the power to put a mind-boggling amount of information in front of you. The average person who I encounter doesn’t know why you change the rotation on a ceiling fan with the seasons and is dumbfounded by the explanation. The information overload and decrease in the perceived need to actually know anything is, in my opinion, the most insidious result of society’s addiction to convenience. Thanks for posting the article, and I hope more people get inspired to actually make plans and be punctual. Those two items have completely gone out the window since the advent of instant communication. – J.A.