Letter Re: Egg Rationing


I am one of THOSE who do not yet have their own chickens but hopefully within a couple of months though. You may have seen this already. I haven’t experienced the rationing, but I bought eggs in April at $1.97 a dozen and went back yesterday to discover they were $2.97 a dozen at my local Walmart. Wow! – C.P.

HJL Replies: We have had chickens for a number of years now and have enjoyed the fresh eggs tremendously. The price of eggs have always been a bit of a sore point with me though. I cannot produce eggs as inexpensive as what you can buy them at Walmart. Even with the recent increase in egg prices, I am not sure that I save any money. However, the quality of the eggs is far above anything that I can buy. Modern egg farms have the science of eggs down, and they tend to keep the chickens just barely above starvation by just feeding them enough to optimally produce. As a child, I can remember buying grade AAA eggs at the local grocery store. Good luck with that today. The best I have seen in years is grade AA with most being grade A. The eggs my chickens produce are well above the AAA grade and taste much better. Even if I never break even on the cost of the eggs, I know exactly what goes into mine, and I actually like my chickens.