Letter: Food Shortage

Dear HL and Readers of SurvivalBlog,

We all know that in a TEOTWAWKI situation, people will panic. After what I saw this week, I believe it will happen sooner and to a worse degree than I previously thought. I live outside a small town in the Midwest. We have one mom-and-pop grocery store, a “milk store”, two convenience stores, Walmart, and Kroger as our choices for local grocery shopping. I noticed the shelves at Kroger were somewhat bare the last two times I shopped. I was wondering why this was the case but just thought the employees were not doing a good job with restocking. This week I discovered the reason for the scarce supplies. When I entered Kroger for my shopping, I actually stopped dead in my tracks. The store was undergoing a major remodel/reorganization project. Nothing was where it used to be. Customers were actually in a panic over the chips on the bread aisle and the pet supplies with the prepackaged cookies. The management claims the new product placement is for the convenience of the customers, but I am keenly aware that the new organizational system makes no sense and is set up for impulse buying. (Go in for dog food. See the cookies. Grab a package of Oreos.) Sorry. Back to the subject. I was unable to walk down many aisles. I was going to get a couple of cans of baking powder, but a forklift blocked the baking aisle. Other aisles were also blocked, making shopping virtually impossible. I heard “What am I going to do?” being said by panic-stricken people. If not being able to get a can of chocolate frosting sets someone in a panic, what will a real emergency do? We need to be even more vigilant with our preparations. When TEOTWAWKI occurs, it will be worse than I thought. The overwhelming majority of the population will be, as my grandma would say, running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Thank you for your blog and helping me to be prepared. – Prepared Grammy