Letter: Investment Question


This is a long time reader here with a question you likely get often. I realize the following is an overly simplistic question, given the enormous complexities of an individual’s financial and preparedness state, but I’m hoping for a relatively simplistic answer.

Assume you were approached by a debt-free individual and handed anywhere from $5-15k. You are told it is “extra’ money and asked to invest it in something tangible. What would you be inclined to spend it on, assuming they had the basics (beans/bullets/bandaids) covered? Would it be precious metals, redundant equipment, or something else? Or perhaps you’d make a checklist with many small items? Would the amount you were handed ($5k, 10k, or 15k) change your answer? If so, how?

JWR Responds: Presently, I would invest it in silver bullion coins. Coincidentally, silver recently went into a dip, so it is a good time to buy.