Letter Re: Question on Audiobook Formats for Liberators

Hello Jim, I purchased your latest novel Liberators last week and have just now received it. Forgive my lack of modern tech-no-media; however, the CD I ordered was the new MP3 format, which none of my older devices can play. Do you offer a traditional CD set? Dealing directly with Amazon is a pain sometimes, so I was hoping you might be able to advise me. Best Regards, – Steve G.

JWR Replies: Sorry, but I don’t sell any CDs directly. You can listen to your existing MP3 CD with just about any laptop computer, or on newer car stereos. Or, if your car stereo has an iPod cord jack, you can copy the book MP3 files onto your iPod, and then plug it in to your car stereo’s external audio source jack.

You MIGHT be able to have a large bookstore (such as Borders) exchange your MP3 CD for a multi-CD (standard CD) boxed set. There is about a $10 price difference. If the package seal isn’t broken, you can also ask Amazon.com for a UPS “call tag”, to exchange it.