Hugh’s Quote of the Day:

“Note: The Constitution is more important now than it ever was, as it is the one and only possible unifying entity for the American people against the criminals of the DC US. If we embrace it, with all of its flaws, then we will have a standard, and a goal, to work towards in our efforts to Restore the American people and country. We will also have a yardstick by which to measure the degree of criminality of those that have usurped the American people.

If we do not embrace the Constitution, including its flaws, then we will be destined to fight one another more so than the all consuming fire raging around us. In the end, all will be consumed by the fire, even the victor of our struggles against one another. The only victory possible then is against the fire; the fire that is their criminality against the us, the American people, the American country.”

Posted by “kchrisc” in the comments section of this article on ZeroHedge