Letter Re: Rust on a Stainless Steel Colt XSE Government Model

Good afternoon,

I am reading the post regarding corrosion on Colt stainless handguns. I believe your response needs to be understood by all. Stainless steel was not developed as a permanent solution to corrosion, rather as a base metal that is able to withstand harsher environmental conditions longer. Another problem is that there are numerous types of stainless formulations which comprise the “pool” of available metals from which to choose. Unless you have a decent connection at Colt, you may never know what type of stainless was used to produce your pistol. If you knew what type of stainless was used, you could be better armed (no pun intended) to protect the pistol for future use.

I am aware of a product sold under the trade name Bore Coat, made by Dyna-Tek Coatings. This product is sold by Brownells. The manufacturer uses the term “nano ceramic technology”. The product was first sold under the name UltraShield. The trade name aside, I have used this product to protect firearms that have been color case hardened. Case colors are quite sensitive to UV light, so exposure to direct sunlight diminishes the colors seen on newly color case hardened steel.

One thing that impressed me was how smooth parts were after applying this product, even from a single application. Nothing seems to stick to the parts treated with this product, which I see as beneficial as well.

If it does nothing but slow the degradation of case colored parts refinished at a high price, I will be a happy camper.

I would recommend that the owner of the stainless Colt pistol give it a try. – D.G.