Letter Re: So You Think Starting a Garden Will Be Easy After TEOTWAWKI


Regarding the article “Starting a Garden After TEOTWAWKI”, Have you forgotten the most rapacious “varmint” on earth? I’m referring of course to the Insects. Although here in FL, where we have cockroaches that fly around and knock out streetlights, bird screening may work. lol

Maybe screening should be added? – R.D.

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Hello and thank you for this series. It was very useful, concise information. I would like to add, when space is at a premium for you (as it is for me) or advancing age is slowing you down, some things are better purchased than grown. You can purchase and store dry grains and beans and save garden space for other things. Organic popcorn can be purchased at a very reasonable price from Azure Standard, and probably other places too. Popcorn can be ground for corn meal as well as its intended use. I like to concentrate on potato varieties, squashes, veggies, and small fruits in the garden. A garden can be very time-consuming, but it gets easier each year as you gain knowledge and improve the garden. Just keep going and remember how far you’ve come! – J.D.