Notes for Friday – July 04, 2014

Todd Savage (one of of our loyal advertisers and proprietor of Survival Retreat Consulting) has announced a new website where he is advertising retreat properties from both agents and individual property owners, in cooperation with famed relocation expert Joel Skousen. Check it out at o o o Gun Mag Warehouse is offering a 30 Pack DPMS AR-15 .223/5.56 30 Round Gray Mil Spec Magazines with Magpul Followers for $249.00 plus shipping to SurvivalBlog readers. Use the coupon code “SRBLOG30”.

June In Precious Metals, by Steven Cochran of Gainesville Coins

Welcome to SurvivalBlog’s Precious Metals Month in Review, where we take a look at “the month that was” in precious metals. Each month, we cover the price action of gold and silver and examine the “what” and “why” behind those numbers. Precious Metals Market Drivers in June Gold started the month under $1,250 an ounce, and climbed over $70 to above $1,320 by the end of the month. Silver gained steadily throughout June, from under $19 an ounce to over $21. Platinum and palladium saw peaks and valleys, due to the on-again, off-again labor negotiations in South Africa that had …

Letter Re: Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Dear Mr. Latimer, Thank you for your in-depth review of the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. You mentioned in Part 3, Operation, Section 6 “Working with Trays”, first sentence that you “used both the aluminum trays and the stainless steel ones”. I checked the Harvest Right website and found no stainless trays available for purchase and I have only the aluminum trays. My question is: Where did you get the Stainless Steel Trays? I have the Harvest Right unit prior to your review and would like to purchase the stainless tray for my unit as well. I don’t like aluminum for …

Economics and Investing:

These Are The 5 Countries Most Plagued by Oil Theft o o o The BRICs Are Morphing Into An Anti-Dollar Alliance – J.W. o o o Items from Mr. Econocobas: Gold Posts Longest Rally Since 2011, Defying Goldman View Auto Sales Close To Hitting The Brakes World Bank ‘Now Is The Time To Prepare For Next Crisis’ Starting Today Interest On New Student Loans Rises By 20%

Odds ‘n Sods:

South St. Paul Beef Plant Temporarily Closing, 300 Jobs Affected – E.B. It’s not just the 300 workers who will be affected either. It doesn’t take much to make the leap from “shortage of cattle” to “higher prices” at the market. o o o Uncomfortable Independence Day Questions – T.P. o o o How Fast Food Providers Beat Inflation – Add Wood Pulp To Burgers – RBS o o o The Facebook Manipulation Study’s Mysterious Connection to the Military – G.P. o o o IRS policy that targeted political groups also aimed at open source projects – At the same …

Hugh’s Quote of the Day:

“It took about 150 years, starting with a Bill of Rights that reserved to the states and the people all powers not explicitly delegated to the federal government, to produce a Supreme Court willing to rule that growing corn to feed to your own hogs is interstate commerce and can therefore be regulated by Congress.” – David Friedman