Letter Re: Useful CERT Publications For Preppers

The article on CERT was well written and very useful. I hold a CERT certification through FEMA’s online certification process, along with a whole grocery list of courses from the same source. I did so as part of my involvement with my local amateur radio club’s efforts regarding the Amateur Radio Emergency Service unit of the club. It’s all part of being prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.

Also, in regards to your link to the article about mob mentality, I would refer you and your readers to, among other books, The Lord of the Flies and how parts of the book are applicable to the idea of mob mentality, not to mention how subgroups may turn out in the period after any major disaster that causes them to be isolated from other parts of society.

Keep up the good work with your website. I check in regularly for the good advice I find. – SRG