Three Letters Re: Ching and Rhodesian Slings


I wanted to thank you for your review of the Ching Sling on Survival Blog. Eric and I attended some classes together at Gunsite, and became friends. I was much saddened at his unexpected passing at WAY too young an age.

Your comments brought back some fine memories and for that I thank you! I have a Ching sling on my hunting rifle and really like it.

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The book mentioned, M/SGT James R. Owens’ book Leather Sling and Shooting Positions is also available in an updated PDF version on CD-rom from Mister Owens’ website : – S.H.

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I can concur without reservation on Andy Langlois and his leather slings. He made the Ching Sling for my Steyr Scout, back in early 2003. He’s a gentleman and a craftsman, and you can trust his word and his products. Now, after taking a shotgun course from Tom Givens of Rangemaster, I find myself in need of a 12-ga butt cuff, and there’s no question where I’ll go to get one. Semper Fi – JPP