Letter Re: Moving Females in SHTF Scenario

Dear HJL,

I’m a female and had some thoughts regarding C.B.’s letter on moving females. On one level, I was a little surprised that we needed special handling but agree that there are predators who do look for the most vulnerable victims out there, whether it’s TEOTWAWKI or not. I think my concern is that if someone is attempting disguise and the expectation is conveyed to them that they will be more vulnerable, it may pump up the fear level in them and that fear will show. I don’t think it is all that easy to truly disguise a female as a male, as we tend to have smaller and more delicate physical features. It’s also difficult to disguise a woman because of how she sits and postures herself. Many men will spread their bodies out to take up more space around them. We’ve all seen men who will spread out their arms across the back of an arm chair, spread their legs, and lean back. Women have often been taught not to spread out their legs and tend to keep their bodies a little more closed up, even crossing their legs. This closed posturing does make women appear even smaller and more vulnerable. To complete the disguise as C.B. proposes, it would require lessons to the women about making themselves larger in their posture and holding their bodies more confidently. (A lesson from the book, “Games Mother Never Taught You“.) A woman would need to make more direct eye contact as well. Obviously these are some generalizations and don’t fit every one, but we do tend to socialize men and women differently.

I admire C.B.’s protectiveness as a man; it’s a great quality. Why not take it a step further and train up those gals who would be in his group? Despite the idea that they might be outnumbered, it’s still a good idea. How about shooting lessons and karate lessons? I’ve seen young girls get their black belts! Boosting confidence this way can lesson their vulnerability. How about teaching them that it’s okay to risk rudeness when someone doesn’t have the best intention for them, or teaching them to trust their gut so they can avoid some situations? After all, our men folk can’t be there for every situation that arises in life.

What about installing a back seat/ bench seat that flips up and becomes a hiding spot for the gals in the back, if approaching a “check point”? Or what about, in the back seat upholstery, making a hidden crawl hole to the trunk?

I can’t wait to see other folk’s ideas on this! – Mrs. RLB