Letter Re: Grain Mills


We searched for the perfect grain mill for years. We wanted one that did not depend on electricity, because none of us can be guaranteed that we will always have electricity. If you have one that is totally electric then if the grid goes down you have a good door stop.

We wanted one that could be used by hand crank, but if we wanted we could attach it to an electric motor and one that would not heat up the grain.

We opted for the Grain Maker, which is made in Stevensville Montana. It is very heavy duty, does not heat the grain, and will grind any grain or legume which most mills will not. We can grind by turning the crank OR we can attach to an electric motor OR the option we chose is we purchased the optional bicycle attachment. We can attach the mill to a bicycle and pedal our flour. We laugh that we are going to be like those on Gilligan’s Island.

We used to grow field corn and grind our own cornmeal. We used to have to take turns turning the crank, because I could only do it for about 10 minutes, and my husband could go for about 15-20 minutes. It’s quite a workout.

The Grain Maker is not cheap. However, when SHTF, you don’t want cheap; you want what will do the job when it’s supposed to do it. There are just some things for which you don’t want the cheapest equipment. For your water filter, your grain mill, and your heating/cooking source, you want the best you can buy. – S.W.