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A few months ago, I did a review on Clearly Filtered water purification products, and the response was overwhelming to say the least. You can’t survive for more than a few days without a source of clean, safe drinking water. We aren’t necessarily talking about surviving out in the boonies, with only mud puddles to drink from. There are many times, when your tap water isn’t safe to drink. Think about it, how many times have you heard on the television news about contaminated drinking water, from a big city water supply,and “boil water” warnings? This happens too often if you ask me. And, for the life of me, I still don’t understand people paying a buck or more for bottled drinking water from the store. More often than not, that clean safe bottled water simply comes from the tap of a big city water supply. So, why are people paying for water from a bottle when they can get the same thing from their own tap – which doesn’t mean it’s always safe to drink in the first place?
The simple fact is, you can go many days, even weeks, and some can go a month, with food. However, you can only last a few days without a safe water source. And, I don’t care where you live, I honestly don’t believe city tap water is all that safe to drink to start with. I live in a rural area, and get my water from my own well. The water is run through a filter in my pump house – and this filter has to be changed every two years, at a cost of about $400 each time it’s changed. And, this filter doesn’t make my water safer to drink, instead it removes some of the iron bacteria from the well water – without this filter, my drinking water would come in brownish – ugly, and not that safe to drink. Still, in the past, I used one of the popular commercial water pitchers to aid in filtering my drinking water. Only thing is, those commercial filters don’t actually purify the drinking water – at best, some of ’em only remove some bad tastes from the water, and honestly don’t do anything to purify my drinking water. Enter Clearly Filtered, and all their fine products that actually purify your drinking water – there is a difference between “filtering” your water and purifying it.
Clearly Filtered has some more products that I deemed worthy for testing for another article for SurvivalBlog readers. One is their water pitcher, and it’s not like the Brita, PUR or Zero Water pitchers, that don’t truly filter all that much from your tap water. First of all, the Clearly Filtered pitcher can filter 200 gallons of water with one filter For comparison, the Brita is 40 gallons, the Zero Water is 22.5 gallons and the PUR is 40 gallons. Also, one of the things I notice when drinking city water – which isn’t that often – is the chlorine smell from the city water. The Clearly Filtered pitcher removes 99.99% of chlorine, the rest only “reduce” chlorine. Clearly Filtered removes 90.00% of fluoride, and the rest make no claims at all. Lead removed is 97.50% – the Brita and PUR make no claims and the Zero Water “reduces” it. Mercury reduction is 99.60% – Brita “reduces” and Zero Water and PUR makes no claims. Chromium 6 reduction is 99.87% and the Brita and PUR no claims and the Zero Water “reduces” it. The Clearly Filtered pitcher costs about 30-cents per gallon for pure drinking water, the Brita is 55-cents to 90-cents per gallon, the Zero Water is $1.77+ per gallon and the PUR is 50-cents per gallon. This is a no-brainer in my book, the Clearly Filtered pitcher makes your drinking water safer, and does so at a lower costs than the other filters. The Clearly Filtered pitcher is $69.95 right now – and that’s a good deal in my book.
I also tested the Clearly Filtered plastic water bottle with the RAD filter – this filter not only reduces all of the above, it also eliminates 100% of: Radon 222, Uranium, Plutonium, Cesium 137, Strontium, Beta and Iodine 131 – again, the RAD water bottle removes 100% of all these elements – something to take into consideration, if you believe you might be in an area that could have radiation from a nuclear bomb or nuclear plant accident.The water bottle with the RAD filter is normally $74.95 but is on-sale for $69.95 right now. And, you can purchase additional RAD filters if you already own the standard water bottle – a wise investment in my book – no matter where you might live.
For those who want something more than the plastic bottle for everyday use, Clearly Filtered offers a stainless steel water bottle, with a filter in it, and it is one very classy-looking drinking bottle, and it comes in a variety of colors.the stainless steel drinking bottle is $39.95 and would look nice on your desk, as opposed to the plastic bottle or bottled water from the local big box store – that you already know isn’t all that much better to drink than tap water.
In my previous article on Clearly Filtered products, I reviewed their military-style canteen, and I was swamped with e-mails, asking me if this canteen would fit in a US military canteen carrier. It does indeed fir very nicely.
For further information, check out my previous article on Clearly Filtered products in the SurvivalBlog archives, or go to the Clearly Filtered web site. In this day and age, its foolish to not protect yourself from the nasty bugs and other things that lurk in your drinking water. To be sure, no surface water is really safe to drink as-is! Sure, that clear mountain stream might look pure and safe, but it’s not, so don’t drink it without first purifying it, and one of the best methods is with one of the many products Clearly Filtered offers on their web site. It just makes good sense to protect yourself as much as possible from all the things that can hurt or kill you – in your drinking water. And, in the event of a SHTF scenario, odds are, that you city drinking water isn’t going to be the least bit safe to drink. And, if you’re in the wilderness, you can always find a water source, however, don’t drink it without first purifying it – it can kill you if you don’t, or at the very least, make you very, very sick – which can lead to being disabled and can lead to death, too.
Look, a safe source of clean and purified drinking water should be right at the top of your survival gear and equipment list. Food is important, or course, but not nearly as important as safe drinking water is. Take the time to check out the many products Clearly Filtered has to offer, and make a small investment in your future survival, but insuring you have safe water to drink. – SurvivalBlog Field Gear Editor Pat Cascio


  1. Long time ago about a yr & a half ago i ordered a pitcher & filter from Clearly Filtered website I have been very happy with results, water tastes good its nice & clean. One of the times that i ordered a filter it came with a pamphlet & it says that the filter should last around 200 gallons But in their website it says 100 gallons So which one is it or are they trying to make extra money by us the consumers ordering filters more often

  2. When you say you tested the pitcher… did you actually have the water tested after filtering it? Or did you go by what their lab reports said? I’ve been using their pitcher for several years now – but because of some bad reviews… it makes me doubt their authenticity.

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