Letter Re: Advice on Home Security Webcams

Dear Mr Rawles,
We are looking for a good security system for our land. Animals and IR alerts aside, we are now in the market for a good multiple camera system. As the area is heavily wooded and vast, cables are out of the question. We would like purchase something that requires little maintenance, in order to prevent continuous activity in the area; blackout technology is a must. We were wondering if you or other SurvivalBlog readers have any recommendations? Thank you for your time, and May God Bless you and yours. – Mary B.

JWR Replies: These days, wireless web cameras with audio pickup and IR lights are inexpensive. I recommend buying several inside your house. (Outdoor webcams are also available but note that these are not completely weatherproof, so to cover outdoor areas such as porches they should be placed under the protection of eaves. And by placing them in faux birdhouses or clustering them with floodlight fixtures they won’t attract much notice.)

Just be sure to locate the computer that these cameras feed in a hidden room, in a wall cache, or completely off site. Otherwise, if burglars steal your computer, they will take with them the evidence that you would need to get them convicted.