Notes from JWR:

October 30, 1735 is believed to be the birthday of President John Adams. (Other sources cite his birth date as October 19th.) Adams died on July 4, 1826–just a few hours after the death of Thomas Jefferson. They both died on the 50th anniversary of publication of the Declaration of Independence. — A reminder that the Ready Made Resources sale on Mountain House long term storage foods ends soon. They are offering 25% discounts and free shipping for Mountain House foods in #10 cans. The sale ends on November 5th, so order soon. — I’m sure that I’ll start to …

Global Economic Collapse: Causes and Some Potential Outcomes, by C.D.W.T.

I believe the global economy stands on the brink of meltdown. The immediate trigger of this collapse is the European Debt Crisis, but the build up to this catastrophe has been building for years and decades. Three of the major drivers of Global economic growth: the US, Europe, and mainland China , are all on the verge of economic slowdown, if not outright collapse. Usually, if one region of the globe is contracting other regions are growing and able to take up the economic ‘slack’. For the first time in modern history, all regions are slowing at once. This is …

Letter Re: DIY Drones on the Homestead

Dear Editor: Although land, sea, and aerial [unmanned vehicles] are available, for the purpose of survival ‘hobbyist’ surveillance from an aerial vehicle is the best option.  A land or sea based homemade ‘drone’ would have to be large to navigate even moderate terrain or choppy water and the larger the vehicle is the more costly, dangerous and obvious it is.  Aerial ‘drones’ on the other hand can be much smaller and unobtrusive.   When we refer to drones, what we are really speaking of just a radio controlled vehicle with perhaps some fancy telemetry.   Aerial drones come in two basic flavors, …

Letter Re: A Wikipedia Offline Reader

James; Speaking of offline Wikipedia tools, there are a number of offline readers available for your laptop computer. I have found these: Aard Okawix WikiTaxi and BZreader None of these are great, but they are all free. – Regards, – Patrick W. JWR Replies: Thanks for sending those links. The 3.5 Gigabytes required to store LeftistAgendaPedia Wikipedia complete with graphics is a good reason to remember to buy a laptop with a larger hard disk drive, the next time that you need to replace yours.

News From The American Redoubt:

I noticed that Dale Fricke Holsters (up in Montana) has expanded their line. Since we store our guns loaded in our vault, we’ve put their great little Zacchaeus holsters on all of our Glock and XD pistols. (The Zacchaeus holster adds new meaning to the word minimalist!)    o o o The latest flying video from Ttabs is both beautiful and a geography lesson: Moses Coulee and the Ice Age Floods.    o o o Idaho was ranked #2 in the recent list of 10 Best States to Retire.    o o o Idaho Towns Welcome Firearms Despite Gun Control …

Economics and Investing:

Part I: The Road To Bullion Default, and Part II. R.C. sent: Thirteen American Cities Going Broke Reader Jim W. sent: Switzerland Prepares Army for Euro Zone Fallout Items from The Economatrix: The Next Stock Market Crash Will Be Bigger Than “Black Monday” Orders For US Capital Goods Stagnate As Spending Slumps 230 Hedge Funds Suddenly Cried Out In Terror And Were Suddenly Silenced John Williams:  Dollar Sell-off And Hyperinflation By 2014

Odds ‘n Sods:

New ‘One-Shot’ Rifle Sight Could Make Snipers Deadlier Than Ever    o o o Reader J.B. used Wayback Machine to find this 1990 FDA article: The Canning Process: Old Preservation Technique Goes Modern by Dale Blumenthal    o o o All too predictable: Storm sets off frantic rush for supplies across East Coast. (Thanks to Jared B. for the link.)    o o o Jason F. suggested a new adjustable serpentine belt that would be perfect to keep in your vehicle and shop.    o o o 14 Unique Water Towers From Around the World