Grow Your Own Nutrient-Dense Fruits and Vegetables, by C.F.B.

Let’s face it.  When we get to point that you can’t call out, use a computer, or find a stop light that is working, our stash of stored food will eventually become depleted.  We will all become more and more dependent on local produce.  Even if food is available for … Continue reading

The Complete Cycle Of Life, by Terry I.

Imagine a market place in your back yard for fresh homegrown fish, herbs, fruits and vegetables.  Best part of this is that you grew it and know what’s in it.  No pesticides or unwanted hormones and additives.  Plus the market is open 24/7. My Hawaii Experience  Living on an island  … Continue reading

Letter Re: Fabric Choices in Survival Clothing

I wanted to make a couple of clarifications to Emma C.’s article on fabric choices in survival clothing, specifically with regards to wool. As a full-time Shepherdess of more than 100 heritage breed sheep, my experience in handling and processing wool runs deep.  It was written that (with regard to socks), … Continue reading

Economics and Investing:

Eric Sprott talks precious metals on Squawk Box. Toward the end, he is asked about physical preparedness. Eric says: “Prudence is very much warranted.” (Thanks to SurvivalBlog’s G.G. for the link.) Faber Warns “Everything Will Collapse” G.G. sent this: USPS Prepares for Second Default in Two Months Bram suggested some … Continue reading

Notes from JWR:

This is the birthday of Austrian School economist Ludwig von Mises (1881 – 1973.) The many resources at the Ludwig von Mises Institute web site are worth exploring. — Today we present another entry for Round 42 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The prizes for this round include: First … Continue reading

Update on the Release of “Founders”

This is for those who have asked for more details on the release of my latest novel “Founders”, particularly about the audio book and ebook: The audio book edition of “Founders” was narrated by Phil Gigante. He is a former Shakespearean actor and an Audie award-winner with a great voice. … Continue reading

The Likelihood of Man-Made Disaster, by William Crosby Prentice

Introduction, Scale I think you will agree that you will get the highest returns from your preparation investments when you make those decisions based on the relative likelihood of a range of SHTF scenarios.  Unfortunately, the probability of many SHTF situations is very hard to determine, and will end up … Continue reading

Letter Re: You Don’t Need To Be A Conservative To Be Prepared

Sir: Anyone who spends any amount of time on survivalist and preparedness oriented forums knows that a certain political worldview is the most commonly encountered perspective, particularly with respect to economic concerns. Particularly in the literary niche that is survivalist/preparedness fiction, the protagonist is often identified as a conservative critic … Continue reading