Letter Re: The Bias of Financial Analysts and the Mainstream Media


If you read the mainstream media, you;ll see how the Dow Jones average ‘soars’ when it breaks its downward spiral and posts a 2% gain – when the ‘good’ news is out of Germany and China – never mind that the market is still down 12.5% from where it was a month ago.

But, in contrast Gold ‘tanks’ – ‘is at the top of a bubble’ – ‘isn’t money’ – when it pulls back 1.5% at the top of a rally that saw prices up 19% over the same time period.

Paper promises of debt aren’t money, and ‘securities’ are anything but secure.  Hard times are coming – after you’ve prepared to feed and protect your family, don’t trust what’s left of your wealth to someone else’s promise to pay.

Beans, Bullets, and Bandaids for the body, and don’t forget a Bible to feed, protect, and heal your soul. – Tony B.