Economics and Investing:

Getting ready for a wave of coal-plant shutdowns. (Thanks to KAF for the link.)

Pierre M. suggested this: Trouble in Paradise Strength of Swiss Franc Roils Saint-Tropez and Other Cities Across Europe

John R. kindly sent us a raft of links:

The Root Causes of the Global Financial Crisis (Bob Chapman)  

Bernanke’s last resort: Start dancing? (Paul R. La Monica)  

Plosser calls Fed’s low rate pledge “inappropriate”    

Europe’s banks could break us all Bill Fleckenstein

The Bailout Isn’t Working Bank of America is the canary in the coal mine

U.S. Treasury Hidden Trickery in Mortgage Backed Security Recoveries (Aftab Singh)  

Economists Refuse to Recognize the New Great Depression (Cliff Droke)  

Europe’s Debt Crisis Won’t End Until Greece Defaults (Jeff Cox)  

Politicizing the Fed? Blame Nixon, Not Perry (Real Clear Markets)  

Big Money and the Economic Depression (Martin W. Armstrong) 

The Case Against Rating Agencies—Guard-Dogs for the Banks   (Michael Hudson)  

Items from The Economatrix:

US Bond Yields Plunge as Economy Fears Mount; Drop Below 2% for First Time

Dollar, Yen Up with US Recession Fears at Forefront

Brent Oil Drops Nearly $4 as Recession Fears Grow

The Real Euro Crisis Is Yet To Explode

A Second Great Depression, Or Worse?

Downgrades Felt At Local Level