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Thursday’s headlines were full of deep drama economic news, including a market crash in Italy that looked like La fine del mondo come lo conosciamomeowner. Concurrently, the recent drop in silver has widened the silver-to-gold ratio 42.4-to-1. (Meaning: The cost of one ounce of gold currently equals just over 42 ounces of silver.) So this a great time to go to your local coin shop and perform a ratio trade: Ask them to swap your 1-ounce gold coins into bullion silver coins. (For readers in the U.S., pre-1965 mint date 90% silver Quarters are recommended.) Even though you’ll have to pay a dealer’s commission–so you’ll only get about 40 ounces of silver in trade for a Krugerrand–I believe that you will be making a wise move. In fact, I predict that two years from now, when the silver-to-gold ratio has narrowed to 20-to-1 (or lower), you will thank yourself. (Or perhaps thank me, and buy a subscription.)

Stock markets tumble amid eurozone fears over Italy and Spain.

Reader John T. recommended this by Peter Schiff: Debt Deal is a Blank Check

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Taxed Out New Yorkers Fleeing State (Vote with your feet!)

Threat of Downgrade Still Looms

US Job cuts at 16 Month High

Gold up $50 per oz. Since Monday

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Items from The Economatrix:

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