Economics and Investing:

Michael Panzner, over at his excellent Financial Armageddon blog presents some graphics with sobering statistics on personal debt in America.

Chris G. suggested this photo essay on failed currencies: A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word

R.J.K. sent: Three Reasons to Stick With Gold & Silver

J.B.G. mentioned: Rhode Island’s Central Falls files for bankruptcy

An interesting piece by Lorimer Wilson: July Update: Gold & Silver Warrants Index (GSWI)

Several links courtesy of regular contributor John R.:

When a Cut is Not a Cut (Dr. Ron Paul)

Martin W. Armstrong: Uncle Sam – Dead Broke

Who Can Take This Country Seriously? (Dave Cohen)

Jeff Berwick: Even the Tooth Fairy Knows It’s a Depression

Items from The Economatrix:

Who Will Uncle Sam Pay If There Is No Debt Deal?

Markets On Edge As Debt Limit Debate Drags On

Recession Risks Up Amid Slow Growth, Debt Standoff

Moody’s Says US Should Retain Top Credit Rating