Notes from JWR:

The unabridged audiobook of “Patriots” is scheduled to be released today (December 31st). Thanks for your patience! — Today is the last day for Californian’s to be able to order British Berkefeld water filters, before an absurd new law goes into effect. for details, see the Directive 21 web site.

Letter Re: A Holiday Trash OPSEC Warning

James Wesley, I just wanted to mention something that has been on my mind for some time but recently re-emphasized as I drove to work the other morning. Along my route (20 blocks or so before I hit a main thoroughfare) the other day the concept of trash OPSEC really … Continue reading

Letter Re: Roll-up Hurricane Shutters

Mr. Rawles, I just wanted to mention the possible use of [European-style roll-up steel] hurricane shutters when constructing your retreat. Here is eastern North Carolina hurricane shutters are very popular and are built right into the existing house. Roll down shutters provide many conveniences as they are built in and … Continue reading

Letter Re: New British Camouflage Pattern Uniforms

James, It appears the Brits are upgrading to a new camouflage uniform to replace the venerable Disruptive Pattern, Marine (DPM) and in some instances, the #5 Desert Combat. Dubbed the Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP), it was developed by Crye Precision and bears a striking resemblance to their “MultiCam” camo. It looks … Continue reading

Letter Re: How Hygiene and Sanitation Have Increased Human Life Spans

Sir; While obtaining law doctorate, one of my classes was Health Law, which is two parts navigating your way through the morass of Federal intrusion. One part was actual policy. But, I digress. Only one thing of significance stuck in my mind from that whole class: “Of the forty years … Continue reading

Letter: Re: Errant Guidance from Vehicular GPS Systems

Dear Editor: I often find myself visiting family in the mountainous areas of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. I can’t believe how incorrect my TomTom can be. I first got it because I’m a bit of a gear junkie and I’ve got one on a boat in the Canadian … Continue reading

Letter Re: The Bosnian Experience

Mr. Rawles, I want to thank you for having this site and presenting people with opportunity two obtain useful information that could save their lives one day. I have been dedicated reader of your blogs for some time and now think that is my time to contribute some information instead … Continue reading

Letter Re: An Incendiary Perimeter Security Method for TEOTWAWKI

Sir; First of all, thank you for such an informative blog and web site. I wanted to share one of my solutions to the problem of perimeter defense [in worst case situations]. Perhaps it will be of some value. I have created natural hiding places for intruders varying from 80-150 … Continue reading

Letter Re: An Upcoming BBC Documentary on Pandemic Flu

Jim; The BBC is doing another pandemic flu documentary, this one centered on Los Angeles. I did some video stuff for them last fall. I got a call just before Christmas from the Times of London wanting to interview me about the documentary. The BBC reporter said I was apparently … Continue reading