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Lessons from History: The Immigrant and the Refugee

As a student of history, it is surprising how often the same traumatic patterns emerge in times of economic turmoil, political upheavals, and civil unrest. All too frequently, average citizens get caught in the middle of tumultuous situations and unwittingly are soon reduced to the status of refugee. Unlike someone that intentionally emigrates to better themselves, a refugee typically hits the road with few or any assets and no sure destination. As I’ve mentioned before in SurvivalBlog, if the 20th century taught us anything, it is that the one category you don’t want to find yourself in is “refugee.” Refugees …

Letter Re: Stow Your Gear Securely in Your Vehicle

JWR, I didn’t know how to post this, so I thought I’d email it. [JWR Adds: Email is the preferred method for submitting letters or articles to the blog, at] A couple of Sundays ago, we lost our “getaway” car. My wife and I had our 2004 V-10 Ford Excursion tricked out for anything, including an emergency kit with everything from soup to nuts in the back. And best of all, it was paid for! We could grab the grandkids and go. Might even take the kids, too! Anyway, a little road rage from some miscreant in a Toyota …

Three Letters Re: Vehicle Recommendations

Hi Jim, One of the most common failures which will cripple your G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Dodge) vehicle is a broken fan/accessory belt. Granted, the newer [flat, grooved] serpentine belts last a lot longer than the old V-belts, but failure will mean overheating or the eventual loss of ignition due to battery discharge, especially at night if headlights are needed. So a spare belt and tension release tool (usually a 1/2″ ratchet or breaker bar, for a serpentine belt) is a must for your emergency parts kit. [JWR Adds: Whenever you change your vehicle’s serpentine as a part of a …

Economics and Investing:

From Vanity Fair, on Iceland’s financial rise and fall: Wall Street on the Tundra (HT: Sharon) Flagler County, Florida, had the state’s highest jobless rate: 16.8 percent (HT: F.G.) Items from The Economatrix: Federal Salaries Targeted As Private Sector Pay Stagnates Skies Darken For Bernanke Nomination Luxury Retailers Look To State Christmas Comeback What People Are Splurging On Tech Stocks Pull Market Out Of 3-Day Slide 7 US Banks Seized, 2009 Total Now 140 66% Americans Not Confident Their Children’s Lives Will Be Better Greenspan: Threat To U.S. Fiscal Stability Larger Than Ever

Odds ‘n Sods:

There is just one day left for the body armor sale, with 20% to 30% off helmets, and Interceptor Tactical Vests as low as $590.    o o o On the Lifehacker Blog: Use a Crock Pot to Make Homemade Candles    o o o Tricia R. recommended the book “Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things” from Reader’s Digest.