Letter Re: Gerald Celente Predicts Survivalism Will Go Mainstream in 2010

James Wesley: The often-quoted prognosticator Gerald Celente (of The Trends Research Institute) is predicting that the Survivalist movement will go mainstream next year. In a recent issue of The Trends Journal, he wrote: “Back in the Cold War days, survivalism meant building a bomb shelter and stocking it with enough food to outlast nuclear fallout. In the late 1970’s, with inflation soaring, Iran raging, and gold and oil prices skyrocketing, survival meant cashing out of paper money and heading for the hills with enough ammunition and pork & beans to wait out the economic and political storms. In 2000, the …

Letter Re: Making Low Profile Firearms Purchases

James, Thanks so much for your books, which have really opened my eyes. I began with “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It” and have just finished reading “Patriots” for the second time. The first time on Kindle, then I decided I really needed a hard copy as well. After much prayer, my husband has acknowledged the need to prepare as well. We have just joined the NRA and we will be joining a local gun club next month, as well as looking for proper firearms training. We own a new .22 LR and a …

Two Letters Re: Prepping as an Active Duty Servicemember Overseas

Mr Rawles, Having seen the info on EMT training that has been on your blog recently, I decided to throw in my 2 cents. The National Dept of Transportation (DOT) sets all standards for Emergency Medical Services (First Responder through EMT-Paramedic) for the entire country. These standards include training and standardized interventions for certain trauma and illnesses by EMTs. These can all be found at NREMT.org. All questions on certifications, training requirements, etc can be answered there. Some courses claim that they can accelerate you and get you certified. DOT has requirements that must be met to be nationally certified. …

Economics and Investing:

Mark Lundeen at Gold Eagle asks: How could GDP have increased 2.8% and yet electrical power consumption in the US declined by 5.04%? The latest from the Dr. Housing Bubble blog: Southern California and the MLS Myth: Why the MLS does not Provide an Accurate Picture of Housing Inventory. Shadow Inventory, Foreclosures, and Fantasy Housing Numbers. Red State Ranger sent us this: You Can Negotiate Anything. BTW, I recommend that you read my archived article on savvy bartering, for some more negotiating tactics. (The Economatrix is snowed in today, with no Internet service available.)

Odds ‘n Sods:

From John S.: Happiest U.S. States Pinned Down. Note the correlation with my Recommended Retreat Areas ranking.    o o o Chuck M. flagged this from The Guardian: Why Britain faces a bleak future of food shortages    o o o Reader M.S. mentioned some analysis from Washington’s Blog: Officials and Experts Warn of Crash-Induced Unrest