Letter Re: An Incendiary Perimeter Security Method for TEOTWAWKI

First of all, thank you for such an informative blog and web site. I wanted to share one of my solutions to the problem of perimeter defense [in worst case situations]. Perhaps it will be of some value. I have created natural hiding places for intruders varying from 80-150 yards around the perimeter of my property. In close proximity to these carefully chosen areas I have made an allowance for the future placement of 1-to-5 gallon containers of gasoline, which are visible from my defensive position yet not readily recognizable to intruders. These may easily be ignited by first puncturing said container with a few rounds from a rifle, thus expelling the liquid, followed by an incendiary round. The eruption is not explosive, however there is a significant fireball and spontaneous ignition of the surrounding area, which I have carefully crafted in order to provide containment for the resulting inferno. With careful planning this would be a great diversionary device, or as I foresee in my planning, a great way to engulf my road barricade in the event of a near breach scenario. I have experimented extensively with this type of arrangement with a 100% ignition success rate in all weather, as a result, I feel that this would be a significant defensive asset in a "do or die" situation. – S. in Northwestern Montana