Letter Re: Treadle Sewing Machine Conversions

James Wesley,
I am not much into sewing but I know ladies who are. For them I have modified some newer sewing machines from electric motor to the foot powered treadle sewing machines. Some of these ladies are off grid and one just likes the fine control the treadle gives her.

Bases can be found in many antique stores. These bases are often missing the machine itself and have been made into tables. Look for one with the treadle and crank assembly still in place. Removing the electric motor from the sewing machine and replacing it with a pulley for a belt is not to hard for an experienced tinkerer. This lets the ladies do some of the fancy stitches that the original machines could not do. But, this will not work on the real new electronic machines. You have to be using a machine old enough to still use the mechanical cams for the various stitches.

Regards, – Keith S.