Two Letters Re: Mountain Money Isn’t

Captain Rawles:
While in the US Navy as a diver, Temporary Attached Duty (TAD), to a British Mine sweeper for a couple weeks, I was amused to find their toilet paper to have the consistency of wax paper. And on each square was printed, “Property of the British Government”. Needless to say, I still have half a roll of it around here somewhere. I felt compelled to show it to our sailors for a chuckle. – Chester

Dear Mr. Rawles,
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! My prayers are with your family this year especially.

I came in late on the whole toilet paper discussion, but this is actually something I was dealing with myself. I have stored quite a bit of TP, and even a few of those old phone books, but our large family goes through a lot and even my stores won’t last long. Because you are kind enough to post all the discussion I thought of something that should work for prepper nearly anywhere!

Any woman who has had a baby comes home with small squirt bottles from the hospital to use to clean herself when using the bathroom. These small squirt bottles can be found in any travel section or dollar store and hold several ounces of water. I think my bottle holds about ten ounces and I would get one that large so you can get some power behind the spray. Cleaning the front area is easy enough. However, you can also easily clean your rear end without touching it. And the filthy water will fall safely into whatever hole or potty you are using. It is in a sense a portable Bidet and will be invaluable in poor sanitary conditions and especially for those with children.

I hope this helps, you helped me and now I am going to stock up on these. Call me paranoid, I never like using public restroom TP myself. I just don’t trust what someone could have done to it before I got there. Anyhoo, Many Blessings – Ace