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Hungary’s Economy Minister warns of currency crisis, “social collapse” without deep reform

GG sent this Los Angeles Times piece: From deflation fear to inflation panic, so soon?

Items from The Economatrix:

Exploding Debt Threatens America With no change in policy, US debt will equal US GDP in just five years.

Coming Dollar Bust–All But A Few Have No Clue “The failure of the housing market is only 40% to 50% over. All this is happening as policymakers, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citicorp, etc., and the rest of the elitists are shifting all the debt from the financial sector to the American people. Virtually no one talks about what is really going on. The same people at the Fed, in banking, on Wall Street and in government are supposedly solving the problems they created. We have news for you; they are not solving anything. They are just pushing judgment day a little further out. That is costing us $2 trillion in additional debt a year, which we can ill afford. The bomb gets bigger every day and you won’t want to be around when it explodes.”

Dollar is Dirt, Treasuries are Toast, and AAA is Adios

Meltdown 101: Why is the Dollar Weakening?

Moody’s Affirms US AAA Rating Despite Rising Debt

Yield Curve Steepens to Record as Debt Sales Surge

Rise in Rates Jolts Markets

Mortgage Nightmare: Who Owns My Loan?

GM Bankruptcy Filing Could Shake Up Dow Index, GM Could Be Delisted