Seeking Reader Input for “Patriots” Sequels

I recently signed a contract with Atria Books (a division of Simon & Schuster) to write two sequels to my novel “Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse” Unlike traditional sequels, the storylines of these novels will be contemporaneous with the economic collapse and invasion described in the first novel. There will be some overlap of characters, but most of the action will take place in different locales. My goal is to use these two books to write about a lot of different tactics, techniques, and technologies for survival.

I’d greatly appreciate getting some tidbits of information from readers that would help add realism and authenticity to the next manuscript. I have fully outlined the book, but have thusfar only written three draft chapters. I’m hoping that there are some subject matter experts out there in the SurvivalBlog readership that can help me out with:any of the following information and insights:

  • Commercial fuel distillation, and how it might continue (localized) if the power grid goes down.
  • Details on natural gas “drip oil” collection and its use in gasoline engines
  • Experience with a 30-foot to 38-foot blue water sailboat
  • Raised in the Creole culture
  • Knows the current aggregate value of the Property Book of a Stryker Battalion. (Yes, I know that Strykers cost $2 million each, but…)
  • Recently lived in the Four Corners region
  • Done bicycle touring in France and Germany, preferably with winter bike touring experience
  • Lived in Belize for several years
  • Experience with reconstructive facial surgery, following trauma. (Surgeon or patient)
  • An F-16 fighter pilot within the past 10 years.
  • Experience with Laron Starstreaks or similar “Light Experimental” class aircraft
  • Lived in or near Prescott, Arizona
  • Worked in a commercial cornmeal processing plant, preferably “old school”, small scale
  • Recently stationed at Luke AFB
  • Owned a Lahti 9mm pistol
  • Raised in the “Texas-German” culture (such as New Braunfels)
  • Lived in Wisbech or a similar town with a yacht harbor in southern England
  • Experience using compact QRP 40 meter band HF transmitters.(Paperback book size or smaller, preferably DC-powered)

If you can answer “Yes!” to any of these, please send me an e-mail. I’ll try to keep my queries brief, and not pester you too much. In exchange, you are welcome to equivalent consulting time in any of my areas of expertise.