Retreat, Barn and Shop Building Resources From Uncle Howard’s

The Uncle Howard’s web site doesn’t come right out and say “Hey, these buildings make a great place to store your preparedness gear!” or “Be sure to ask about our bullet-proofing upgrades!”, but Howard is all about filling the needs of land owners that want to build. There are plenty of off-the-shelf models, but they are willing to have extended conversations to get a one-of-a-kind perfect-fit design. Uncle Howard’s has a drafting department that takes a conceptual sketch all the way to engineered and stamped plans to satisfy buyer with specific needs.

The site has some general information stuff that would be helpful to anyone looking at a construction project, even if they choose a different company, such as their Glossary (What do you call walkway along the top of a wall?) They also have some very informative FAQs. (What is the difference between engineered plans and “wet stamped” engineered plans?), and links to sites for each state so you can find your local info, for permitting, equipment rental, etc. I highly recommend the printable Homework page(Quick: which seismic zone are you?) and the Total Cost Estimator which helps you run through the total cost of the project, not just the structure. (Did you remember the outhouse for your workers?)

If yo ‘re thinking about building, you’ll find a whole lot of great information and planning ideas. Oh and if you do call to ask about their floor plans or kits, be sure to mention that you read about Uncle Howard’s on SurvivalBlog, because they have sales, discounts, and offers that don’t always get posted to their web site.