Economics and Investing:

Swine Flu: Worst to Come in Autumn “Doctors are being warned to prepare for a second, “much worse” wave of swine flu hitting Britain in the autumn, the Health Secretary has disclosed.”

Tamiflu Linked to Abnormal Behavior

KAF sent this: Economic crisis in European Union

Items from The Economatrix:

Real Unemployment 15.8%; Highest Since ADA Began Tracking

The Greatest Boondoggle in History

Skousen: Bailouts & Bankruptcy: Undoing The Rule of Law

GM Spots Bankruptcy In Rearview Mirror as it Burns Tankfuls of Gas

Toyota First Annual Loss

Stress Tests Show 10 Biggest Banks Need to Raise $75 Billion

China Fears Bond Crisis as it Slams Quantitative Easing

Markets Bet Worst is Over

Lloyds Banking Group Warns on Surge in Company Debts

Economic Casualties Pile Into Tent Cities

AIG Bonuses Four Times Higher than Last Year

The Derivatives Elephant in the Room ” …$500 trillion of outstanding derivatives, or about 10 times the total annual economic output of the whole world…. And, according to Mobius and a contact of his who works at the SEC, no-one in the financial world understands how these products really work, which means that the threat of a massive blow-up is un-measurable.”

Insiders Selling at a Furious Pace “Last week there was a report that corporate insiders were selling at a faster rate that at any time since October, 2007 — right near the top of the market. Well, the market’s only raged higher since then and insider selling is only getting more intense.”

Bernanke Sees Signs of Recovery But Warns Of More Job Losses

US Dollar Decline is Accelerating