More About Depression Proof Jobs–Consider the Three Ks

In these perilous economic times, marked by increasingly frequent corporate layoffs, I’m getting a correspondingly large number of question from blog readers and consulting clients about “recession proof” jobs. I’ve already mentioned quite a few possibilities, but there is one whole category that doesn’t require much (if any) special training:

In Japan, these are called the “”Three-K” jobs: kitsui (“hard”) , kitanai (“dirty”) and kiken (“dangerous”). If you are willing to take on any of the Three K jobs, do cheerful and hard work, and have exemplary attendance, then you will likely have a job that will carry you all the way through a deep recession or even a depression. If times get truly Schumeresque and you get laid off, then please be willing to “think outside the box”, and consider taking a Three K job. Some of these are low level city and county payroll jobs. And by low level, I mean things like sanitation worker, animal control officer, sewer technician (BTW, when did that become “technical?), solid waste transfer station worker, highway maintenance worker, and so forth.

Think about it: If you get laid off and can’t find work in your chosen field after several months of searching, then you ought consider taking a cut in pay, to take a far less glamorous job. When corporate layoffs are happening recurrently, a steady job beats no job. Don’t let your family starve, or end up homeless. There is no shame in accepting good old-fashioned hard work. If you take a job that brings in only one half of your existing income, consider that you’ll actually come out ahead of any of your contemporaries that are laid off more than half of each year. Further, you will have uninterrupted benefits, such as health insurance, that they will also lack. A menial and low-paying job is better than no job.