Mexican Flu Update

I recommend that SurvivalBlog readers seriously think through the implications of successive waves of Mexican Flu sweeping around the globe for the next three years. From what we’ve already seen of its virulence after the normal “cold and flu season”, then the next couple of winters could bring very high rates of infection and overwhelm the healthcare system. Please take the time to watch Dr. Henry Niman of Recombinomics discussing”Swine” flu. His projections are disturbing, to say the least! Think this through folks, on a macro scale: How would a pandemic impact your work? Commuting? Grocery shopping? Church activities? School? (If you are not yet homeschooling, then you should plan on it!) Your vacation plans? Summer camp? Family holiday get-togethers? Sports and cultural events? These implications are enormous. As SurvivalBlog readers, you are already accustomed to contemplating abstractions at this level and getting “ahead of the power curve.” You also likely have the benefit of superior training and a deep larder. And, hopefully, many of you took my advice three years ago, and began to develop home-based businesses. (Mail order businesses will undoubtedly flourish, as people shun face-to-face sales.)

There are no guarantees, but you have a better chance of getting through this unscathed than most of your neighbors. Hopefully, all of you read the backgrounder on family flu preparedness, that I’ve had posted here are SurvivalBlog for more than three years. But if not… Now is time to make the requisite adjustments to your daily routine and to top off your logistics:

  • Now is the time to order several boxes of N95 masks and rolls of bandage tape (for sealing any mask edge gaps )
  • Now is the time to buy a steam vaporizer (new, or used — Try Craig’s List for used ones)
  • Now is the time to approach your family doctor, and ask for a scrip for Tamiflu.
  • Now is the time to lay in a supply of Sambucol (Elderberry extract.)
  • Now is the time to lay in supplies of hand sanitizer (with aloe) and latex gloves–or nitrile gloves for those with latex allergies
  • Now is the time to stock up on Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Guaifenesin expectorant
  • Now is the time to buy a couple of Bag Valve Masks
  • And lastly, for this and umpteen other contingencies, now is the time to acquire an honest one year supply of storage food (or more) for your family. Buy some extra, for charity.

If you wait too long, then those supplies will either be non-existent, or exorbitantly priced. By the time most of the sheeple think this through (or have it explained to them by the talking heads on the Idiot Box), you will have long since “topped off” your preps. But not if you hesitate. As my friend Bob in Tennessee is fond of saying: “Panic now, and avoid the rush.” [The Memsahib adds: If you’ve been consistently panicking since 1999 with no ill effects on your spouse’s mental health, then give yourself a pat on the back.]

Mark my words: A true pandemic will disrupt supply chains, starting with relatively exotic items (such as antivirals), but eventually working down to basic commodities. Be ready.

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