Product Review: AmericaStone Knife Sharpener

Several months ago, I received a sample product that languished on the back off my desk, just for the lack of time available to test it. This is a novel sharpening stone design, dubbed the the AmericaStone. It was not until this weekend that I finally had the chance to try it out. And now I’m glad that I finally did. In the modern parlance, it is “way cool“.

Let me start by saying that the AmericaStone is the best compact knife sharpener that I’ve ever used. For my test, I used my current primary everyday carry pocketknife, a tanto point CRKT Carson M16-02Z. I must admit that this knife gets more than its share of hard used around the ranch, some of which borders on abuse. My only excuse is that this knife is often the only tool available, particularly on the days that I don’t carry my Leatherman Wave. In the past year, this knife has cut umpteen pieces of bailing twine, been used as an impromptu horse hoof pick, a utility scraper, letter opener, and even tasks far beyond its intended design as a wire stripper and as a screw driver. (Yes, I’m guilty of almost habitual expediency!) Its original factory edge was gone, and in fact the knife was downright dreadfully dull. Before my sharpening stone test, this knife was good for little more than a letter opener. But just ten minutes later, it had an edge that was good, if not better than the edge that came from the factory.

The AmericaStone design is unique. It has a patented double beveled edge on one side. I don’t know why someone didn’t think this up years ago. It really works. Take a look at the video at the AmericaStone web site. This is an excellent product. They are quite compact, and they come with a useful belt pouch. The only suggestion that I can make is that for use when at home, it would be useful to have a detachable handle, perhaps with a thumbscrew clamp. But even without that, this is a product that is well worth buying!