Economics and Investing:

U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar. (Kudos to Laura H. for the link.)

The Appenzell Daily Bell reports: AIG world of $1.6 trillion derivatives trouble

England may be unable to sell all of its bonds: UK overhauls debt issuance protocol. In related news: Dollar falls sharply on Fed statement. And, meanwhile in Japan: BoJ ramps up purchase of government bonds. Sounds like a race to the bottom, to me. (Thanks to G.G. for all three of those links.)

Three More Banks Go Down: Teambank, Paola, Kansas; Colorado National Bank, Colorado Springs, Colorado; FirstCity Bank, Stockbridge, Georgia. And in the same week: Two corporate credit unions taken over by government

Items from The Economatrix:

Post Office Offering Early Retirement to 150,000 Employees, Cutting Managers

Is Obama/The Fed Manipulating the Stock Market?

Stocks End Week in Slump

Fed to Pump Another $1 Trillion Into Economy

13 Companies Getting Bailout Money Owe Back Taxes

New Jobless Claims Have Topped 600,000 Each Week for Past Seven Weeks

Greenbrier Resort Files Bankruptcy