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G.G. flagged this editorial at US News & World Report: Obama’s Out of Control Spending Dwarfs the Wasted AIG Bailout Money

Markku sent this: For Sale: The $100 House

Items from The Economatrix:

WH: Agenda on Track Despite Worsening Deficits

Growing Transatlantic Tensions on Eve of G20 Summit

UK Car Production Slumps 60%

Sacramento Tent City to Be Relocated

US is Already Bankrupt

China Backs Russia’s Call to Replace Dollar as Reserve

Joel Skousen: AIG Bonus Outrage–How Insiders Will Defuse It (Excerpt)

Treasury Throws $5 Billion to Auto Suppliers

The Mother of All Depressions (MOAD) “The meeting of the G20 in London on April 2, 2009 will be the most important financial meeting in history. If the delegates do not adopt a new gold standard of honest money, the dollar will totally default within a few months. The fuse has been lit. There is nothing the government can do beyond what they have already done. Nothing has worked. Nothing can work.”

The Real Scandal at AIG is Not the Bonuses. It’s the Payments to [Derivative] Counterparties

Thursday: US Stocks and Dollar Down, Commodities Race Higher

Oil Prices Reach New 2009 High as Dollar Falls

Big Slide in 401(k)s Spurs Call for Change

Turning the Screw (The Mogambo Guru)