Notes from JWR:

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Congrats to K.B., the high bidder in our most recent benefit auction.

Today we are beginning a new auction. This one is for another large mixed lot that includes

1.) A “be ready to barter” box of 26 full-capacity firearms magazines, from my personal collection in JASBORR. This box includes: 4 – Brand new “smoke gray” polymer original Bulgarian 40 rd. AK-47 magazines, 10 – brand new AR-15/M16 USGI black Teflon coated alloy 30 round magazines with stainless steel springs and the latest orange anti-tilt followers, 6 – new condition original USGI M14/M1A 20 round parkerized steel magazines, from CMI (the current military prime contractor) 6 – new condition original Glock Model 20 (10mm) 15 round pistol magazines–the latest production type with “SF” front magazine catch notch . All of these magazines are of recent manufacture (and hence are NOT legal to possess in New York.) These magazines have a combined value of approximately $750, in today’s market. Note: If you live in a state where full capacity magazines are banned, then you must choose to: refrain from bidding, or designate a recipient in an unrestricted state, or re-donate the magazines for a subsequent auction.

2.) A large Bury ‘Em Tube (# 6L, 43″ x 6″ with a 5.1 gallon capacity), donated by Safecastle. (a $199.95 retail value)

4.) A NukAlert compact radiation detector donated by at (a $160 retail value). 

5.) An OPTIMUS Terra Cookset for backpacking, tent camping or even WTSHTF, donated by Safecastle. It includes the ultra-compact Crux stove, plus a special small cookset–all very portable and lightweight. (Fuel canister not included.) (a $95 retail value)

6.) A fresh, sealed case of full mil-spec MRE rations with ration heaters, courtesy of (a $94.95 value)

Thus, this auction has a combined value in excess of $1,300. This auction ends on April 15th. Please e-mail us your bid. Your bid will be for the entire mixed lot.