Economics and Investing:

Matt in Texas sent this “must read” link: Martin Armstrong: Is It Time To Turn Out The Lights? Here is a key quote: “We are standing on the edge of a cliff in the middle of nowhere. … We must ask our politicians a very important question: Where are you going? To date, the answers have been more of a riddle… In other words, we get a paradoxical explanation that is of something that is the opposite of what it suggests. … This Economic Depression is unstoppable, regardless what Government says. … Unless we start to get sane people with real live experience outside of the governmental bubbles, we may see the total meltdown of western civilization. Everyone will then blame the next guy which will lead to war.” Matt commented: “The ‘waterfall’ effect should send shivers when understood. No sector of any market will be unaffected by this engineered collapse. The scariest aspect is the pace or rate that it is taking
place. Rate is a big factor in momentum and the current momentum of this monster is building steam and strength.”

Micah and Jasper both mentioned: S.C. governor evokes Zimbabwe in arguments against stimulus

GG sent us this: Swiss central bank fires the first shot in the global currency war.

Items from The Economatrix:

Freddie Mac Asks Treasury for $30.8 Billion

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Fed Documents Provide Insights Into Bailout

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Obama, Geithner Get Low Grades from Economists

Futures Market Betting on Geithner’s Future
(Currently, 22% of people trading think he’ll be out by end of year)

Small Manufacturers Cry Uncle

Citigroup CEO Tells Employees “We Are Profitable”
Analyst:says it’s a P.R. gimmick

Can Two People Eat on $67 a Week?

Summers: “Excess of Fear” Must Be Broken

Jim Cramer, Jon Stewart Tangle on “Daily Show”

The Next Big Bailout Decision: Insurers

Central Banks Were January Net Buyers Of Gold

Sales of Guns, Ammo Still High

Wall Street Rises, Stocks Scoring Best Week Since Nov. What a classic Sucker Rally… Sell into this rally, folks. This may be your last chance before the next big leg down.